Cardboard ABIPLEX

Abiplex is a versatile and innovative cardboard composed of raw materials derived from cellulose, manufactured entirely in Spain, and designed for advertising and communication applications.

Thanks to its versatility and lightness, Abiplex is the best option for the manufacture of every kind of POS material: FSD and desk displays, advertising totems, decorative elements for shop windows and events, counters, shelves, tables, chairs and furniture in general.


Material built in the shape of a sandwich with materials coming from paper and cardboard.


Abiplex is manufactured from a rational use of raw materials and energy, with papers coming from sustainable forests and aqueous adhesives. It respects the nature and all of us.


Thanks to its cellulosic origin and the transformation processes to which it is subjected it is a very resistant cardboard, modular and easy-assembly. Abiplex products can be re-used for several advertising campaigns and it is 100% recyclable.


Its transport is made entirely flat, so it results more agile and economical.

What is ABIPLEX?

Abiplex, trademark with Spanish utility model no. 201130405, is a new innovative cardboard very versatile, ideal for creating complex structures. It is a perfect alternative to wood, metal or plastic: Abiplex is more economical, ecological and environmentally friendly. It offers multiple competitive and differentiating advantages to enterprises belonging to productive chain of advertising market: POS display distributors, related manufacturers, assembly enterprises for events, etc.


Among the many applications of ABIPLEX, those related to advertising and visual communication are highlighted. In these fields, the elements used by clients more frequently and manufactured in our material are POS display, signage, stands for trade fairs, decorative elements for showcases, furniture, as well as any kind of POS material.


  1. Excellent behaviour for the anchoring of ink with direct printing on the support.
  2. Clean cuts on the digital cutting table, with little or no residue on the cutting table cover. The cuts are straight and, like the folded ones, perfectly defined.
  3. It allows cuts in “V” to form 45 degree angles, as well as double and multiple folds to form perfect spines, for fronts of shelves and sides.
  4. It is possible to make total and partial cuts at different depths, favouring the tongue and groove of parts and arrowheads, for a greater structural fitting and resistance to weight.
  5. The emptying of the excess material is done in a simple and clean way.
  6. The cardboard edges can be covered with our Abiplex self-adhesive paper edge, 100% recyclable and ecological, in white, black, red or customizable colours.
  7. It allows the use of accessories for assembly, although its greatest virtue lies in the ease of creating self-assembling structures and sent them to the point of sale flat, with the consequent logistical savings.


Our self-adhesive paper edge, 100% recyclable, can cover the visible edge of the cardboard, for those jobs that require it, in white, black and red, although it is possible to choose another colour, with a specific Pantone, for a minimum order. of 3,000 linear meters.

It is easy to place, both manually and with our semi-automatic edging machine. The final finish of the product once edged is elegant and effective. It also minimizes the effect of water or humidity inside the cardboard. Abiplex  allows the placement of plastic legs to raise the product off the ground and facilitate the work of cleaning machines, rotating wheels to move it easily, plastic or metal hooks to hang the product blisters, as well as hardware accessories for the assembly of the POS displays, if necessary.


ABIPLEX is light, resistant and long-lasting. Products made with this cardboard can be reused multiple times, without being ruined. There are several thicknesses available, both in coated white and kraft colour. The standard dimensions of the plate are 2400 x 1630mm. Please ask for other options, they are possible depending on the quantity and measurements requested.

The surface of ABIPLEX is very flat, which makes it an optimal material for digital printing. In addition, its folding is perfect, so the finished product has a finish that other materials cannot offer.

ABIPLEX also offers thermal and acoustic isolation, as well as protection against different environmental conditions. In addition, it is in the research phase to provide the product with a fire retardant and a water-repellent treatment, which would allow its use as outdoor elements.